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Client Stories

Sizzling Platter fuels aggressive growth with ActivityStudio™

by CMX
by CMX

Fast growing restaurant management company fuels aggressive growth and operational efficiencies with ActivityStudio™  


Founded in 1963, Sizzling Platter is a Utah based restaurant management company that operates more than 500 Sizzler, Red Robin, Little Caesars, Dunkin Donuts, and Wingstop restaurants in 15 U.S. states and Mexico. As an organization, Sizzling Platter is focused on building lifetime guests across their concept portfolio by utilizing lean enterprise techniques and technology to achieve operational excellence. 


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Challenges Faced

Prior to selecting CMX, Sizzling Platter was looking for a new auditing and assessment technology platform to replace their paper based programs for:

  • Assessing restaurants for acquisition
  • Auditing in-store operations and compliance with brand standards
  • Conducting more efficient store visits


The goal for digitally transforming these programs was to provide the business with the ability to analyze the information and make data-driven decisions more easily.


Restaurant Evaluation and Acquisition Processes Transformed with ActivityStudio

With a focus on aggressive growth through acquisition of restaurants and restaurant groups, moving from “pen and paper” to a data-driven approach with CMX has transformed the restaurant evaluation process for Sizzling Platter. ActivityStudio has been put to work to reduce time-intensive tasks surrounding the company’s site evaluation process, which includes more than 204 questions along with the collection of photos and attachments. Through features such as Team Auditing, which allows multiple users to simultaneously complete various sections of the assessment, the Sizzling Platter team has seen a time savings of 50% to date.


Within a matter of weeks of going live with ActivityStudio, the Sizzling Platter team evaluated nearly 50 potential sites. Under the evaluation process, all aspects of a potential location are inspected, from external building features, signage, and landscaping, to key interior features, including front of house, dining room, drive-thru, restrooms and more. Using ActivityStudio, the team is also able to quickly assess existing operational systems including human resources, employee training, and food safety practices along with capital-intensive items like point-of-sale, kitchen equipment, and building security.


Sizzling Platter Restaurant Management Company (Resized)


ActivityStudio Fuels Business Outcomes

Using ActivityStudio’s self-service tools, the Sizzling Platter team has also created:

  • An Operational Efficiencies Scorecard (OES) to evaluate in-store operations and compliance with brand standards once a new location is acquired.
  • A Store Visit Assessment (SVA) designed to help District Managers assess ongoing quality and operations in preparation for Health Department Inspections and brand standards audits.


According to Isaac Morton, Vice President, Information Technology for Sizzling Platter, “CMX was the straightforward choice. Of all the options we looked at, they were best on price and best on service. They understand our business and ActivityStudio is ideally suited to our strategy. We are a fast-moving organization. The program was launched within two weeks and we are already seeing great value. We are now evaluating the possibility of other programs like digital HACCP-based Line Checks and monthly PCI compliance assessments that could be launched on the CMX1 Platform.”


“It’s a huge point of pride for CMX to have been chosen to help Sizzling Platter continue their aggressive growth strategy,” said Mitch Porche, CMX’s CEO. “Their longevity and focus on applying technology to achieve operational excellence is a great match for our organization and the CMX1 Platform."

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